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Zion Road Trip and Tent Camping Itinerary

One night in a hotel, 2 nights camping and 3 FULL days of adventure. I am going to preface this by saying, doing the Narrows and Angels Landing in the same day is A PUSH! So follow with your own discretion, depending on the type of trip you're looking for. We packed the trip to do all the things! I would personally use this exact itinerary if we were to do it all over:) Here we go...

Day 1: Road trip to Page, AZ

Head out to Page, AZ after work. We drove from Ventura, so we picked a closer option, about 2.5 hrs out from Horseshoe Bend in Hurricane, UT -Quality Inn Zion Park Area (Note the time change from UT to AZ)

Day 2: Horseshoe Bend

Head out early to catch the SUNRISE(7:30am) Then it's just a short 10 minute walk to Horseshoe Bend. We spent less than an hour here just taking photos and enjoying the view.

Head to Antelope Marina -20 min drive. Make or pick up lunch and pop it in backpacks! If you're visiting during busy season, rent the kayaks ahead of time.

Antelope Point Marina ($30/Vehicle)

Single - $45/day

Double -$55/day

Kayak Lake Powell to Antelope Canyon -½ day rates available, but nearly impossible to trek to the canyon and back in that time. Takes about 5 hrs total if you really want to explore.

Antelope Canyon Slot canyon white claws
Antelope Canyon. Paddled an hour in, Claws out!

Sometimes you can kayak all the way through canyon, but if water is low you'll want to get out to see more. Depends on the season!

What to Bring: Dry bag/backpack, suits or athleisure

Leave by 2pm for a 2.5 hour drive to

Zion Canyon Campground - $167 x 2 sites

Camping must haves: Tent, sleeping bag, pillow, personal flashlight/lantern, gallon(s) drinking water(they have water for dishes and some water bottle filling stations(not filtered obvi), and showers), campin’ chair, towel, Water shoes and Hiking Pole(Can be rented) GOOD VIBES!

Suggested: Portable charger, cot/blow up mattress, rug or tarp for outside tent, wet wipes, hiking shoes, warm clothes for evenings(drops to 50s), Dry bag/backpack, snacks

Lastly: Stove, cooler/Ice, cookin’ and eatin’ supplies, french press & coffee, alcohol(duh).

The campsite sells ice and wood if you're low.

Day 3: Zion Adventures

Red Rock Shuttle - $30/person (online reservation)

Zion Park Pass -$35/group (you can purchase when you get on the shuttle)

Stop 1: Angels Landing (5mi. 4hr hike round trip)

Angels Landing views utah couples photo so happy
View from the top of Angels Landing

6:30am Cook breakfast, pack lunches and water, walk to hop on the shuttle at 7:30am. Make sure to wear hiking boots with tread to do cables.

Optional: Emerald Pools

Hike over from the same shuttle stop(lower pools ½ mi) Not suggested if you’re doing Angel’s and Narrows on the same day!

Shuttle back down the hill(about 15 min), maybe up to 30 min wait, then head back in(about 30 min more)to the Narrows.

COFFEE- there’s a little shop close to the shuttle pick up/drop off

Stop 2: The Narrows (4hr hike in water)

There’s really no end, but we made it to “Wall Street”..6 mi round trip

What to bring: Water shoes* with covered toes, neoprene socks, Hiking Pole(comes w/ 2 so share with a friend), Dry bag or backpack, quick drying shorts and a light sweater or jacket. The water is frozen, and you are in a canyon without sun most of the time. Layer. And get the socks! Ah!

If you’d like to take a small break from nature

Celebrate hiking over 10mi today :)

Bryce Canyon, not my image

Day 4: Zion Scenic Route - Bryce Canyon

Relaxing morning, make breakfast, leave by noon for a 2.5 hour drive to through Zion to Bryce Canyon. Hard to see much off the road coming from the side closest to Zion, so pick a hike!

Here are two options:

Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail -5.2mi (strenuous)

Mossy Cave Trail Hike -1.4mi (easy)

We took our engagement photos at sunset this day. They call taking this road "the Scenic Route." Definitely find time to just drive and park along the road. Absolutely gorgeous!

Day 5: Breakfast and road trip back home

Happy travels! And please let me know if this is helpful to you in planning your trip to Zion!

x Michelle

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